Frequently Asked Questions About Wheatens

Are Wheatens good with Children?

Yes. They love kids and their rough-and-tumble games. Wheatens are sturdy and well-muscled and are not easily injured. Their tolerant good-nature keeps them from becoming grouchy or snappy. Naturally, any situation involving toddlers, young children or young puppies should be well supervised to prevent accidental injuries or tormenting behaviour. It's a good idea for older children to attend training classes with the dog to ensure that the terrier does not regard the child as its subordinate.

Do Wheatens shed their coat, are they suitable for people with allergies?

Wheatens are non-shedding.They are sometimes recommended for people with allergies and they can often be more easily tolerated than a shedding breed. However, allergic reactions are unique to each person. It would be advisable to spend time  with Wheatens in the breeder's home to determine if the breed is suitable before taking one home.

Are Wheatens destructive or yappy?

Most Wheatens do not bark as a hobby. They tend to reserve their barking for warning. Most dogs  have digging instincts. Digging can be minimized or eliminated with training and by keeping the Wheaten exercised and entertained, use strong chew toys for supervised play.

Can Wheatens adapt to apartment living?

Possibly. The Wheaten is a powerful, agile, and athletic dog that requires regular exercise. If there is no enclosed outdoor safe space provided several daily walks would be needed to maintain muscle tone and keep a Wheaten fit and trim, and to provide the necessary stimulation and socialisation to keep the dog happy, active and alert. Wheatens who live in apartments require at least three excursions outdoors each day (and puppies many more)-regardless of whether it's raining or his owner is tired or in a hurry.

Are Wheatens easy to train?

The Wheaten is a born extrovert, hamming it up at every opportunity with rollicking good humour and remarkable intelligence. He can be easily bored, though, and something of a rascal, testing his limits to see what he can get away with. 

The Wheaten has a mind of his own and many require a firm but loving owner to show what is expected from him. He instinctively wants to please and learns quickly, given positive reinforcement and plenty of praise. A heavy hand is never needed with a Wheaten, because despite his resilience, he is surprisingly sensitive.

Are Wheatens good watch dogs?

Wheatens are good watch dogs but bad guard dogs.  They have a very loud bark and will alert you to strangers or prowlers on your property.  Wheatens think everyone is their best friend, they just have not met them yet, so because of this they do not make good guard dogs.  Wheatens tend not to bark very often, so if they do bark there is usually a good reason for it.

Is this a good breed for first time owners?

Maybe! These are delightful dogs, good with families, very adaptable.  On the other hand they require a good deal of effort and commitment from the owner, perhaps more than most breeds. Between the need for exercise, grooming and socialisation owning a dog is quite a commitment  

Have a frank conversation with some Wheaten owners and you will have a better idea if you are up to the challenge.


Are Wheatens a yard/kennel dog?

No, absolutely not, Wheatens are not kennel dogs.  They do not do well as kennel dogs.  They are a people dog who thrive with constant human companionship, living in the house as members of the family.  

Are their coats difficult to care for?

The coat will need regular grooming.  We would recommend daily brushing and combing, if this is not possible at least a minimum of 3 times per week.  As the coat does not shed the dead hair will need to be brushed out or the coat will matt and felt.  The puppy coat can be quite short and harsh and would not need regular brushing, but we would recommend daily brushing as it is important to  train the puppy to stand and allow for grooming to take place and helps prepare for vets visits.

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